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Results for Rexburg

I’m running for City Council to produce results for Rexburg. We need an infrastructure that can support our population, maintain the traditional values Rexburg was founded on, and make Rexburg business friendly. I’m not running to play partisan politics, I’m running because I believe that we can all work together to grow and build Rexburg.


Like many people in Rexburg, I’m a small business owner with a young family. My wife is a recently naturalized U.S. Citizen and I’ve lived in Eastern Idaho since I was a teenager. We have two young boys that keep us on our toes. In many ways we’re a stereotypical Rexburg family.

Rob Woodall for City council – results for rexburg

Core principles

Sustainable Growth

As Rexburg continues to grow, we have to make sure that we have a sustainable foundation. Investing in the correct infrastructure projects now will directly influence our ability to grow in the future.

Traditional values

The City of Rexburg prides itself on being “America’s Family Community”. This mission statement should be a key part of every decisions that our local leaders make, not an afterthought.

better for business

Unfortunately the business community in Rexburg hasn’t grown at the same rate as out population. We need to make conducting business in Rexburg easier for anyone that’s willing to provide goods and services to Rexburg.

Have Concerns About Something Going on in Rexburg?

LET’S talk about it!

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