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Better for Business

Creating a strong business community in Rexburg is important for our local economy, sustainable long-term growth, and making sure our families have services that enhance our lives. As a business owner I understand what it’s like to build a business, hire employees, develop projects, all while trying to juggle family life. Building your business in Rexburg should be as hassle-free as possible with as little government interaction as possible. Government shouldn’t be keeping you from doing business, but make doing business easier. Business owners should be free to make the best decisions for their business without local government stepping in.

Local First

Local businesses are key to Rexburg’s economy. When local businesses succeed, profits stay local and are reinvested back into the community. We need to ensure that local businesses have the resources needed to grow. Instead of waiting for national-level corporations and businesses to come in, develop property, and export profits elsewhere, we need to work with local businesses and help create solutions to their problems. Together we’ll make sure that local projects don’t fail due to the lack of city planning or city infrastructure.

No bureaucracy

Rather than creating hurdles or regulation as Rexburg grows, I promise to help simplify and streamline the process of starting a business and developing a project in Rexburg. I understand the stress that comes with taking risks and starting a new business and I want to be your voice on Rexburg City Council as you go through that process.